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CSL Kenya's SMILE (Seeing My Inner Life Everywhere) Youth Program

May and June have been our fundraising months for our SMILE Youth Program. SMILE now encompasses all of our youth programs, not just outreach. Our goal is to raise $8000 USD to fund our existing programs and our expansion for 2024. Summer is school out in North America but in Kenya, it's the half way point. We have ridden the high of our 2024 Heart of Africa Conference and welcomed, hugged, danced, and said good-bye to our visitors. It's time to focus on our busy time in Kenya.

It's time to plan our Holiday Teen Camp in December (Kenya's summer). We will be hosting at Paul's Place again this year so Rev. Gwen can go camping with the teens. Time for our curriculum planning to begin - Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and pull out more elephant jokes! We currently have two Zoom Teen Camps planned during term breaks.

A prior post, shows what is involved in James Otumba RScP bring Science of Mind to Kisii twice a month. HUGE undertaking! We just covered stereotypes and now we are creating our own flag for our own future - I Am The Future of Kenya! Watch these videos from the kids as to why they want the SMILE Program to continue.

Our goal is to incorporate weekly Science of Mind lessons with Sunburst HIV/AIDS Project in Kisumu.

Our last expansion for 2024 is to rebirth our Children's Church. Funday School for 3-7 year olds will be read-aloud videos in English and Swahili and a Tween Group for 8-12 year olds will meet weekly with James as the leader/teacher.

We have lots of other ideas - an outreach program in Nairobi, scholarship student support during term break and even a parenting component - Conscious Parenting. So if you are called to support our Year theme of Growing Our Future, please Click on Projects and contribute to our CSL Kenya SMILE (Seeing My Inner Life Everywhere) Youth Program.


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