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Community/Family Comes Together

By: Rev. Gwen Smith

A week has passed since our CSLKenya’s Karibuni Nyote event. It truly was a global gathering in love and connection. There were many who could not join us on that morning and new people who were interested and curious who zoomed in. What a blessing to come together.

“We should believe that God is the invisible partner in our lives and affirm that divine love goes before us and prepares the way.” Ernest Homes

With any event, there is so much to plan, organize and execute behind the scenes as well as what is up front for all to see. A huge bouquet of gratitude to all of those who contributed their time and talent of countless hours to a few minutes of your time, it all counts for the end product and the effect and quality of the outcome. Thankfully, Spiritual Mind Treatment works: for technology staying connected through internet and power and was surely working and thanks to our “invisible partner”.

Speaking of connection…it is a golden thread of our virtual time together. “We are to look for the God in each other and love this God, forgetting all else…” (Ernest Holmes). The Presence in the voices of those presenting, the children singing, the breakout rooms and the visual of the slides, all bring us together in a two way connection of love, common-unity, and de-Light.

Many enjoyed the breakout rooms for conversations and questions. The feedback was very warm, loving, and excitable with a sense of oneness and celebration; it touched the hearts of everyone attending. Here is what some had to say…….

“ONENESS-It was a celebration of unity. I liked the idea of the Break-Up rooms, there was more in-depth sharing which increased the sense of oneness.”

“For me it was another confirmation of how committed you all are to our growth and expansion as students and the larger CSL Kenya community. I loved it. Connie loved to say that we are family, and I felt that.”

“It was exciting for me being at the center of the celebration. Witnessing history in the making. I felt a bit unprepared when all those faces focused on me when I spoke about the translation project. “

“It was a beautiful event, wonderful to see the range of ages of the Kenyan community. How magnificent.”

“Oh, what a terrific, amazing morning. I loved being with the Kenyan community and to see such incredible growth. Thank you for including me!”

Wherever two or more meet in the name of Love, there is Unity and Oneness. We, my friends and family, experienced that Truth. We talk of this and last Saturday we were blessed with the evidence of that demonstration. We get to bask in the glory of this time, reveling in the Love that was bestowed upon on all of us and our Love that was sent out into our global CSL community. And… as Reverend Connie frequently said “the best is yet to come”

Ernest Holmes said it too: “You are more than you appear to be--Life is greater than you have ever known it--The best is yet to come.”

Life is greater and expanded, and there is even greater as we expand our consciousness and are open to It. The best is always right in front of us within our grasp. Something right before us is our 2024 Nairobi conference that we are envisioning and speaking into the fertile soil of the Universal Law. Oh yes, the best is yet to come; jump on, join into the Knowing.


Love Rev Gwen



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