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Can You Feel the Love Today?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Late this week I realized that I had not started the blog for January 30th because I forgot. We were spending heaps of time preparing for the 2020 Kenyan zoom reunion and I must say it was time well spent. Instead of scrambling to write something, I decided I would wait to write the blog after the reunion. Now, it is post reunion and I have a whole mixed bag of emotions! As the team planned it, we were all excited to share and we were deeply reminded of our extraordinary time in Kenya as we picked over the pictures and order of the event. My hope was that anyone and everyone who came on this Saturday gathering would share some of the nostalgia and heart tuggings that we all felt.

Like any event, while in the planning stages, there is a hope and wish that it is well attended, but no one ever knows until it happens. At one point, we had 53 squares which meant we could have had over 60 people tuned in. Amazing! What joy to see the familiar faces and that alone made many tear up, reconnecting.

Over a year ago, we who do not live in Nairobi, were all planning our trip to Kenya. But it was more than a trip with excursions because there was a conference in the middle for three days. There was music, messages, inner work exercises, breaking bread together, praying together; North Americans and Kenyans experiencing the oneness we talk about as Principle.

“We came for the connection, we stayed for the adventure and we left with the inspiration.” This is a catchy and effective phrase for a vision of the planning and it manifested fully. We are still feeling the aftermath. Today, “We returned with Love.” Big Love! Pressed down and overflowing.

I trust everyone or almost everyone came away that expanded feeling of love and connection. (I was so buoyant afterwards; I could have walked on water!) The expression of Oneness. There is no them or you, it is we and us.

The part of what is mine to do? What is mine to give? What is our individualized time, talent or treasure that each of us, all of us, can contribute to our evolving growth as a spiritual centre, the greater Whole? Questions to contemplate on and as we stay open and fresh coming from our zoom reunion. Spirit comes through as the vision.

Sincere, deep gratitude, assante sana, to many people who are already gifting of their selves to benefiting CSLK to what it is today. And there is more. Spirit is calling and we answer “Yes” to the Good and more Good of the potentiality of The Infinite, that which we call Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya.

I feel it. I know it.

Peace and blessings, love Rev Gwen



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