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Bringing Science of Mind to Kisii, Kenya - CSL Kenya's SMILE Program

Twice a month, James Adero Otumba RScP, takes a grueling 34 hour trip to bring Science of Mind to Kisii, Kenya through CSL Kenya's SMILE (Seeing My Inner Life Everywhere) Program. Here's his journey and his dedication.

Friday 12:45pm - James says goodbye to his family. All of them. AND the neighbor boy who wanted to make sure he got in the photo!

Friday 12:56 pm - Now it's time to take a TukTuk. The cost is 50 shillings.

Friday 12:26 pm.- Where to next? Boarding a matatu from Kisumu to Rongo. Fare is 700 shillings.

Friday 6:55 pm - After alighting at Rongo amidst some rains, so I couldn't take photos, I later took a matatu for Sare Kamagambo which had only drizzles when I arrived.

Crossing the road to get a motorcycle to Nyatike (Duke's place).Fare from Rongo to Sare Kamagambo is Ksh 100

Friday 7:02pm - Found a motorcycle and now heading to Nyatike (Duke's place).

(7 hours and 17 minutes since he left home this morning!)

Friday 7:24 pm - Warm welcome on arrival by Duke's children. Duke's mom equally gives me a warm embrace. Duke's wife Janet and daughter Eileen joins the celebration.

(7 hours and 39 minutes to his destination!)


Saturday 5:30 am - at Duke's place I wake up at 5:30 am and do my lesson review before taking a bath.

Saturday 7:30 - 8:00 am - Breakfast! At that time, the students are also arriving and equally take their breakfast (provided as part of the program).

Saturday 8:30 am - Classes start.

Saturday 10:30 am - Go for break for 20 minutes.

Saturday 12:30 pm - Lunch (included for kids as part of the program.) Discussion on what they are grateful for.

Saturday 1:00 pm - Immediately after lunch I start my Safari to Harambee Boys Home.

Saturday 1:08 pm - Taking a motorcycle from Duke's place to the main road to Kisii town. The fare back to Sare Kamagambo junction is Ksh. 100.

Saturday 1:15 pm - On a motorcycle from Kisii town to Harambee for Kenya Children's Home.

Saturday 2:00 pm - Arrive at Harambee Boys' Home and teach same lesson he taught in the morning.

Saturday 4:54 pm - Andrew has asked one of the boys to escort me to where I can catch the matatu because it is raining hard and I am using his rain coat. I'm now taking a matatu to Kisii town from where I'll get one to Kisumu. From Kisii town to Kisumu town is Ksh700/=.

Saturday 9:24 pm - Alighting in Kisumu town and now heading for a motorcycle to the house.

Saturday 9:35 pm - The fare from town at night is Ksh 200. Getting off a motorcycle at the gate.

Saturday 9:42 pm - Receiving a warm welcome back from my beloved wife Maureen.


Twice a month, this is the "safari" James goes on to bring Science of Mind to Kisii!


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