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Addressing Covid-19

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Well we certainly find ourselves in interesting times. As I write this from home because we are on shelter-in-place. As Rev. Connie grappled with trying to go back to Canada or stay in Kenya which she considers her true home; As Susan, in Canada, now deals with doors closed and Donnah, Rev. Connie's friend who traveled back with her from Canada struggles with getting a flight to head home. So many questions right now and all of us, in totally different far reaching areas, communicating, offering support, holding High Watch, and sitting in Love. So what I realize as I post this is that the world has become smaller still. Oneness is so present because we are all in this together. What one country does affects another. What one person does affects a neighbor or even a stranger. But, this is also the time that all of those unresolved issues of fear and uncertainty start to bubble up as we look at the news, hear the new rules, or try to reach home and comfort. What I realize is we have a choice. We as Religious Scientists, we as people, each have a choice to stand in fear or Love. We can either know what we know and give God the place to work through us, or we can tighten up and let the world of form be our belief. Religious Science believes what we believe we see. That's not always an easy mantra when the world we see and hear is chaotic and uncertain. The story is often told in classes about the Practitioner who went to the hospital and never saw a sick person. The day she did, she turned, went out, and said, "I need to heal me." So now is our choice. Do we see God in everyone and everything? Do we know this is a time to be centered in Love and Possibility? Do we need to heal ourselves first? All of these are right questions. It's okay to have fear slide through. It's okay to be uncertain. At CSLKenya, we urge you to reach out. Find your local Center for Spiritual Living and call a Practitioner for prayer. Send a prayer request via email to our Centre. We have 4 new licensed Kenyan Practitioners waiting to serve you. Susan, our Canadian Practitioner, has written the following treatment. Print it out and read it whenever you feel that tension begin to surface. What is True in One Mind is True in All. It's our time to KNOW really KNOW right now the Truth of God, our lives, and this experience. God is present, right here, right now, always, in all ways. Namaste.

2020 Vision: Creating an experience of God and culture!

There is only One: One Power, One Spirit, and One Presence. From this One all things flow. There is nothing that God is not… the sunrise, the breath of a newborn, the wind beneath the birds wings, the brilliance of the stars in the night sky. Everything is a reflection of the Totality of this One Divine Presence. Spirit creates from what It knows of Itself, fully, completely and wholly and is done automatically, without thought, without bias: it is done in love, unity, wholeness, joy and beauty.

I am a creation of the One Power and from this source all flows through me - I am unified with this Presence. I breathe into this awareness, the breath and expression from which my life flows. In the connection of my divinity: my heart, my mind follows creating the patterns of thought that are Spirit working on the physical plane by means of me. I choose to be Heart centered and Spirit centered: that is my life, that is my reality.

A creation is happening that is far greater than each one of us: in all quadrants of the globe a new paradigm of the livingness of life is expressing. The words self- isolation, flattening the curve, Covid 19, restrictions, and social distancing are now a part of our daily conversations. How the livingness of life has changed for all! In this newness of the livingness of our daily expression I hold to the Truth: the Universe is conspiring for us – for the creation of a new expression of society and community. To find new solutions - to fall into the vat of possibility and abundance that is our One task, our One purpose- creating an awareness of life through Love, Wholeness, Unity and Joy. More than any time before, I am aware that I am part of a global community: what affects my brother affects me. So I open my heart to even greater depths embracing the world as we come together as One – one heart beating finding a new path for the creation of something beyond what has gone before. In the silence and solitude that has been created I choose to birth something new and greater than the expression I knew a week, a month, year ago. I create a greater experience of God and culture – right here and right now. All else falls away into that great no thing.

With an attitude of gratitude these words are spoken, taken to heart and lived. Possibility is my hallmark, love is my baseline and my joy abounds.

I release these words to the Law knowing that as I dress up and show up the manifestation within my life… creating an experience of God and culture…… will be mine to live in, laugh in and love.

And So It Is.



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