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A Newsletter Message From Our Ministers

Updated: Jun 17

Rev. Barb Samuel and Rev. Gwen Smith

Ahh . . . It's June! The month that marks the mid-year has come to be and for us here at CSLKenya, we pause and remember our beloved Rev Connie. On this four-year anniversary of her transition, it is remarkable what she started as a lone minister in a foreign country has now become. She would have marveled at the expansion of reaching so many youths and the caliber of the SMILE Youth Program, as she loved working with young people. 

The theme of this month’s newsletter is “Growing Our Future.” We’re excited to share information about the expansion of our outreach to young people in Kisumu and about a new version of our “Funday School” for younger children, which will be in in both English and Swahili.

We are especially excited that our June issue has articles by Kenyan members who have joined our newsletter team!

Ernest Holmes reminded us: “You are more than you appear to be - Life is greater than you have ever known it - The best is yet to come.”  

The children and teens of Kenya are coming to know that they are the future. They’re learning that they are the best yet to come, that they are making a difference as they use the spiritual tools they’re learning. We see them learning to live boldly, with curiosity, always open to new adventures as they awaken to their spiritual magnificence and know who they are. 


Our adult students have just finished Foundations class and many have already signed up for their next class.


Some comments about the Foundation class were:

 “This class helped me change my life. There’s more harmony in my family now.”

 “I learned I’m not alone. The Universe supports and loves me. I’m waiting to be delighted by what the Universe has in mind for me.”

 “I’ve seen that Spiritual Mind Treatment works. I’m more confident in terms of facing life. I realized I’m not alone and that the Universe loves and supports me.”

Ernest Holmes also taught: "Our highest satisfaction comes from a sense of conscious union with this invisible Life. All human endeavor is an attempt to get back to first principles, to find such an inward wholeness that all sense of fear, doubt and uncertainty vanishes.”

Yes, all humans endeavor to return home, to get back to first principles in Ernest Holmes’ words. Seeing the difference it has made for our students to find a spiritual community brings such joy. With all of them, we know that yes, the best is yet to come – for each individual, the community, the country, and all of humanity, as we push the boundaries, raise awareness, and “Grow Our Future.”



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