2016 International Day of Peace

September 21 marked the UN's International Day of Peace "Let us all work together to help all human beings achieve dignity and equality; to build a greener planet; and to make sure no one is left behind." — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

I participated on the day by attending an event organized by Sifa Children's Centre located in the Kawangware slum.  This was the first time they had celebrated the event and they invited several other schools to attend the day long event.  I was also invited to speak along with several other local dignitaries.  The following video will give you a snapshot of some of the events.

At Briton school we celebrated Peace with the Class 8 students writing words and symbols that represent peace to them on a large canvas, which we later framed and hung on a wall as you enter the school compound... It is a beautiful reminder!

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