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20/20 Vision Kenya

Conference Presenters

  • Be inspired by magnificent International Science of Mind speakers:

    • Dr. Kenn Gordon

    • Rev. Connie Phelps

    • Rev. Mark Gilbert   

    • Rev. Kathryn Cardinal 

    • Dr. Patrick Harbula   

    • Rev. Eileen Brownell

    • Dr. Joyce Duffala

    • Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan

    • Rev. Martha Creek


  • Be uplifted by incredible New Thought musicians

    •  Rev. Barb Samuel

    •  Neal Klassen  

    •  Fariji Napa

  • Children's program

Rev. Claire Summerhill is working to provide an awesome opportunity for the children

  • Teen program

Cheri Jensen, RscP of Spirited Travels will be working with the teens to create a profound experience for everyone

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