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Pandemic Food Project

I wanted to update you on our relatively new, Pandemic Food Project. It became apparent that the pandemic was affecting some of the Kenyan students in very real ways. Some of the adult students are home due to sheltering in place and many have small businesses where they sell products but there are not buyers. In addition, there are still 10 boys and 3 teachers living at the school, along with 20 other students still in the slum that we were feeding for the school lunch program. We are continuing the lunch program for these 30 during the pandemic. To meet this need, the CSLK Board voted to tithe 10% of the profits from the 2020 Vision Kenya conference to this project, and there have been other donations coming in to supplement as well. As everywhere, we don't know just how long this may go on. Curfew or get arrested requirements have just been extended another 30 days. Very few have cars and social distancing on the public transportation means hours (3-4!) of travel one way to a job that you then have to leave by 3 pm to get home before curfew begins. These experiences are so far out of our frame of reference.

In addition to the 30 students and teachers being supported by a meal a day in the Slum, we have 12 families and 3 single adults also currently enrolled. Each single person in this program gets $50 for the month for food and each family receives $100 a month. Really such a small amount and yet in Kenya it means so much.The children above are from Mishael who owns the soapstone quary and curio workshop. No one is shopping so his factory and workshop are shut down. Another family, is a single mom with three children of her own who then took in 5 children from another family with no parents. This family was so excited to send us a photo of their recent grocery shopping. They were proudly holding up staples. Mom said she would spend the final $30 on milk, eggs, and vegetables. Another family owns land but they only grow corn and so the family was living off of corn mash. The children were begging for beans and rice!

We realize there is food insufficiency everywhere and we urge you to give where you can. However, if you are called to, we welcome you to support this Pandemic Food Program for our community in Kenya. Please go to our Support page and click the donate button. Cheques in either Canadian or US$ can be sent to: CSL Kenya, 6311 - 109A Street NW Edmonton, AB T6H 3C6. Please indicate funds are for the Pandemic Food Project.



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