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Nothing is Big or Small in the Mind of God

By: Rev. Gwen Smith

I have been with my childhood friends/cousins for a week in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. We have been in awe each time we have stepped out of our lodgings to have these giant peaks as the backdrop everywhere we looked. Stunning! Majestic! Grand! And these words do not do the mountains justice.

I feel myself filling and expanding from the inside out, as I become present with these magnificent forms. There is a calming excitement within me as I focus my silent attention on these beauties.

We have walked many kilometers seeing the sites around town and taking in some local activities. Within this city of Canmore, there are paved trails, rocky trails, dirt trails in the bush; all ways to navigate to the hub of the city and along the way, I noticed the most interesting worm. It was tiny with a beautiful color of bronze with a defined segments for a body. This little fellow was so cool and it was interesting to watch him on his mission to live and survive.

Sometimes I am really set back on my heels when I ponder God’s work and creations, everywhere, everywhere!!! And I must see me in this creation as well. I must re-remember who I am and include me in this equation of magnificence. God does not make exceptions, no matter the apparent size. We matter and are a part of the greater whole in this system of God.

“Nature is God’s way of reminding us of how magnificent we are” G.L. Goodwin

May we all be reminded as we go about our days. @e are the beloved of Spirit-MAGNIFICENT. Take the time, be present.

Love and blessings,


Rev Gwen Smith



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